Rising Sun

Some places have an immense, inexplainable propensity of attracting us as if our belonging to them was natural, however, spirit adopted us far enough from them such our life may become a pilgrimage towards reaching it and discovering it completely. On the way to that discovery we discover parts of ourselves…

Life flows with its unceasing beat sprouting the infinity of continuous creation. Its ever sculpting chisel has been shaping an awe inspiring background to the most amazing child of creation. The human. In the ancient interdependence with the soil of its flesh the rebirth cycle accompanies the process of morphing matter into original forms where eternal youth and maturity replace each other in an endless dance. Where the tears of an infant wash up as a rain upon window glass. Where wrinkles of old age run across the land as a mountain range and where a whisper to an ear of a sleeping lover lifts breeze to compel a dandelion to carefree dance.

In each image lives a gleaming reflection of our own self. In each sparkles a glimpse into the world of the inner self. May this be a revealing journey as you contemplate the images in this gallery. Let each image compel you with your own story of a thousand words that you never thought you knew.

– Marcin Rakowski