Day 5 Mugen Vision Photography

Day 5 Mugen Vision Photography

Day 5 Mugen Vision Photography

After 15 hours shift at work there was not much time, light or focus (pardon the pun). Still, every little helps.

St. Paul’s, London.

Welcome to my new project, a 365 days photography project to be exact. It came to existence quite spontaneously even though I gave it some thought in the past. There is few reasons why I decided to go ahead with it. One of them being the fact that it WILL get in the way of many other things and projects going on in my life at present. Another is that I am struggling to find myself in photography (and no, I will not be heading to Thailand as it seems to be a poplar thing nowadays as a way to “find yourself”). Also, I just read an excellent article, where Steve McCurry wholeheartedly recommends it. Cannot really question such legend… But enough about that.

There are some requirements and limitations that I am putting onto myself (and I do love limitations and simplicity).

  1. Fixed focal length – 35mm
    I will not limit myself to one camera and one lens as I expect different circumstances to arise along the way, where I might require some extra “horsepower”. Mostly however, for those interested, I will be using a Fujifilm X100s as it just “feels right” for this sort of thing. As I expect to travel to Japan amongst other places over the course of next year, I will probably bring a Nikon D800 along with my all time favourite Zeiss Distagon T* 2/35, as there are other projects on my list (as I previously mentioned). I will also post the metadata with all of the images.
  2. One “look”.
    Simple Lightroom post processing, black and white conversion with yellow filter (my favourite) with minimal adjustments and cropping. Why black and white? That’s why.
  3. Fully manual controls.
    No AE, AF-S, AF-C ABS or any other abbreviations. Call me a masochist. You can look at it as another limitation or gaining more control over the results. It is fully open for interpretation.

Well, that’s that then. I expect many challenges on the way but then again I am not looking to produce masterpieces every single day (not even expecting one in the whole project) but that is not to say that I will not put thought and effort into each shot. See you at the post no. 365.

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