Flashback of Our Honeymoon Vacation in Bali

Flashback of Our Honeymoon Vacation in Bali

In Denpasar Bali at that time the only five-star hotel was the “Bali Beach Hotel” located on Sanur beach. Bali Beach Hotel was built by Bung Karno, the only most luxurious hotel at the time. Next to Bali Beach is the “Pendawa” Hotel which consists of bungalows. The hotel is classy big enough. Having not been able to stay in Bali Beach by Brother Rovai we were ordered a bungalow at the Pendawa Hotel. We have already received information that Pendawa Hotel is known to be nice and comfortable with a quite romantic environment.

At that time airplanes to Bali were still rather scarce the cost was far more expensive. Therefore, traveling from Jakarta, we took the train, which scheduled departure in the afternoon to arrive in Surabaya the next morning. We took a class I train with adequate car condition. Inside the car there was no air conditioner at the time, but inside the car it felt quite comfortable with a functioning fan. When we arrived in Surabaya, we went to a Surabaya-Denpasar bus company that we knew the address for. From here we moved by bus to Denpasar via Banyuwangi then crossed to Gilimanuk, Bali. From here the bus continues on to Denpasar arriving the following night. A tiring but exciting journey.

Many things we felt and experienced together during the trip. The natural scenery along the road on the island of Java Bali is all amazing. Mountains, valleys, terraces, yellowing rice fields and green, village forest streams make us not become bored. We were even absorbed in watching the activities of the lives of the local people along the journey to Denpasar.

Bali Pendawa Hotel

Jakarta-Bali travel route which is far away for almost two days with quite heavy land transportation, train cars and buses without air conditioning (not as comfortable as trains today) did not make us complain or feel tired, even felt how beautiful togetherness during the trip. In the frenzied passenger train train cars, those who sell food back and forth do not bother us. Feelings of happiness and beauty for being together as if not losing energy along the way. The world is so beautiful that is how we feel.

We stayed in Bali for 9 days. The first day in the afternoon just resting while enjoying the beauty of Sanur beach. The hotel room was clean and quite comfortable because at that time the seg was off-season so there were not too many foreign tourists visiting. At the Pendawa hotel, we met a couple from Australia and from Japan who were also on a honeymoon, making the hotel environment relaxed, romantic and intimate with a fresh tropical climate on the beautiful Sanur beach.

At that time, tourist attractions with adequate infrastructure were not yet developed. The road to outside of Denpasar is still narrow and not as busy as it is today. The villages around Denpasar are still original. The village blocks that are fenced by Balinese carved walls with the temples are the unique environment of Balinese communities. Community life with traditional values ​​of ingrained Hindu beliefs reflects the uniqueness of Bali. The blood of artists born from generation to generation in Balinese life makes the rhythm of life mysterious artists. The character of artists who have imaginative and creative abilities creates a climate of life that is not affected by the external environment.

They hold strict traditional rituals and they are not nosy or uncomfortable with migrant communities both from within and outside the country. Life with local philosophical values ​​runs in an adanaya and natural way. That was Bali in the past.

sanur bali beach 1

In Ubud we watched galleries of famous painters like Le Mayeur and Balinese painters. Here and there we saw galleries and wooden sculpture crafts as well as rock sculpture craftsmen. In Ubud saw the place of craftsmen of silver and gold. We were also taken to see the Soekarno palace in Tampak Siring. Although we were not allowed to look inside the palace, we were taken to see the Tirta Empul Temple, a bathing pool that was flowed by the “holy spring”.

On another day we were taken through the city of Gianyar to see Balinese people plummeting chickens. Then headed to Klungkung to see Mount Agung (in the 1960s there was a terrible volcanic eruption due to many acts of destroyer of the surrounding nature). In Bedugul, see the relics of the kingdom of Mengwi and the forest of Alas Kedaton, where many monkeys roam the streets to visit visitors. There we also visited Tanah Lot, where a great temple was still standing firmly on the beach which was almost falling down by the waves. Not to forget, we were also taken to Kintamani to see Lake Batur and witness the place of a Balinese dance studio where Balinese teenage girls were practicing Balinese dance dancing.

For entertainment at night we walked on the beach to the hotel next door, Bali Beach Hotel. In the hotel there are bars and cafes where every night there is music. Here hotel guests can entertain themselves to dance and sing. Almost every night while in our Pendawa hotel to Bali Beach to enjoy music and dancing. We take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the night with music entertainment and charming singers. Love song songs excite the guests to dance in a romantic atmosphere.

Bali beach hotel

Especially if the singer is singing a song that we know, then we dance while living the rhythm of the song that lulls the heart, the more the atmosphere of the honeymoon. We are not tired of dancing. The romantic atmosphere conditions the opportunity to devote our emotion of love lulled in the dreamland. At the bar we only order drinks and snacks, but we can enjoy the beautiful night together without the burden of all thoughts.

This beautiful Pangalaman means that honeymooning is not just a time to spend time alone, but more than that it is open

“Reveal how we explored our feelings and expressed our love in the real terms of the trust, honest, loyal, comfort, safe and proximity.”

All of them become open so that the strengthening of the inner connection which is happiness can be felt together.

The happiness, how we enjoyed the atmosphere, how we could express our feelings and our love.

Of course this beautiful night is impossible without end. 22:00 hours the music must stop. We are grateful to be able to enjoy the musical entertainment presented. It was quite late at night and we returned to the hotel to walk hand in hand through the beach in the cool night air with a gentle breeze. Back at the Pendawa hotel enter the feeling of happiness un-ended.

Nine days in Bali seem to pass very quickly. But time and abilities are the limit. From Bali back to Jakarta we boarded a Garuda flight. Our choice of using this Garuda plane is of course so that our trip is more relaxed and comfortable, so that we can rest in peace when we get home before finally returning to daily activities like before marriage. That is the memories of our honeymoon in Bali full of beautiful memories that have never been forgotten until now.

Gunung Agung


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